Flip the text

if you want to make a text look upside down, like:

this is me.


˙ǝɯ sı sıɥʇ


then you should visit:

http://www.fliptext.org/ or,


This is done by using Unicode, as far as i know.
If someone out there knows, how to make a program for this, please post here.

— Guest article submitted by Vivek Kumar


2 thoughts on “Flip the text

  1. Dear friend,

    This program is very easy. You are right it has been done using unicode. But how?
    Unicode has support for IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet) characters. Unicode organisation has extended the IPA set of characters, which are known as IPA extension characters (http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0250.pdf). This extended IPA set characters contains most of the flipped alphabets (Those you will not find in this chart can be displayed logically e.g. b can be mapped to q and d can be mapped to p and so on..). So to achieve the above mentioned functionality, you have to just map the alphabets’s glyph to the corresponding flipped glyff finding from the unicode chart and then displaying the input string in reverse order.

    Point to be noted is that, even if you type in capital letter, the result displayed in above mentioned sites are in small letter, because the phonetic alphabets are not in capital letter.

  2. The same can also be achieved by using Java APIs. Using Java Advanced Imaging API, you can convert a string to corresponding image of desired format.

    After creating the image, you can use another java API drawImage(Image img, int dx1, int dy1, dx2, dy2, int sx1, int sy1, sx2, sy2, [Color backgroundColor,] ImageObserver observer)) of java.awt.Graphics class.

    So in this manner you can flip any text be it in capital letter or small.

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